Creating an “Online Payment” Event via Facebook

For the creation and organization of an event, Facebook has launched an event system that runs through online payments. All you have to do is set up a specific price, engage in promotion, and take up payments from interested people and then ensure a live broadcast.

With this global pandemic, communal interaction has completely changed as people try to maintain a distance to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread further. In this context, actors, companies, and bloggers have taken to social media to contact the people who make them the stars they are. As per the Global Report on the State of Small Businesses, 35% of the businesses that shut down have moved towards maintaining their presence online.

Nevertheless, this alone is not sufficient to maintain the business cash flow. Considering this scenario, online payment events were launched by Facebook in 20 different countries. This is a new tool that helps businesses grow by providing live entertainment, digitizing their offer, expanding customer base, and monetizing their content.

If you are interested in creating an online payment event, you must go through the following steps:

Press Creator Studio and choose the page you wish to use. From there, you can check the compliance policy about monetization for partners and the overall status that stands.

Once that is done, you can choose your page and configure the monetization of the content that you have put up. You are required to sign a Terms of Service and engage in the account’s configuration – that is where payments are received. For this purpose, you must add in your bank account or link it to PayPal as per your convenience. You are additionally asked to provide your tax details.

Following this, you are supposed to go to Events from where you can choose to create such an event with the date you have in mind. You can choose the option to make its entry as per the saleable ticket and put it in the price you want.

For a wider broadcast, you can freely share details of the event of various social media platforms through activities like posts, stories, or via groups that you may be part of. You are also given a chance to actively market your event and put in frequent announcements for a wider reach to those who may be interested.

Related to the event, you have the choice to create a visible guest list and allow people to post freely and message accordingly. Moreover, it is pertinent to note that the total number of attendees who register for the event is a statistic that is visibly available only for the creators. Following these steps, you are at the point where you can freely broadcast your event through Facebook Live so that you can connect with your followers.

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Creating an “Online Payment” Event via Facebook

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