Creating an “Online Payment” Event via Facebook

For the creation and organization of an event, Facebook has launched an event system that runs through online payments. All you have to do is set up a specific price, engage in promotion, and take up payments from interested people and then ensure a live broadcast. With this global pandemic, communal interaction has completely changed […]

Improving Customer Retention via Social Media

For any brand’s success, it is important to boost your customers’ retention, such that engagement and satisfaction are raised through various high-quality service providers and social hearing/listening. When it comes to marketing, you must create awareness amongst people regarding your product to create demand for it and get new customers on board. Nonetheless, some businesses […]


The Changing Nature of Influencers

A while ago, influencers would post pictures wearing a specific brand or declaring partnership with cream and get tons of likes. But now, as social media platforms have been democratized, consumers these days are vying for real and strong content that can be used to challenge fake news, capitalism, and other falsities that plague the […]


Customer Community As Part of the Marketing Strategy

Amid the marketing sector, the term ‘customer community’ is most often misunderstood by people. It is taken as a representation of the customer’s emotion and loyalty; on the one hand, while on the other, it caters to customer lists and chats in the context of marketers. Concerning the marketing sector’s future, the customer community is […]