Enhancing your marketing outlook through Twitter Analytics

With Twitter Analytics, users can utilize one of the easiest dashboards available online to gain insight into any social media marketing campaign. In 2016, Media Studio was launched, which allowed users to secure multiple channels within one specific repository of data. Since then, operations and functions have been added to secure a more in-depth analysis […]

Hashtag Strategy

Effective Tactics in Hashtag Marketing

Because of the pace at which updates go on social media platforms, you need to create a strategy rather than just putting a hashtag sign to a specific set of keywords. Not only should previously use popular hashtags be benefited from but with regard to the growing trend and preference of the customers, the brand […]

Who Won The Vice-Presidential Debate

After last week’s presidential debate, a truly unique episode in a polarized nation, most of us agreed that whatever we were seeing, it just wasn’t right for our country.
Last night’s vice-presidential debate achieved the opposite. It turned everybody back to their corners. And how you viewed the outcome depends mostly on who you follow.