AI and Social Media

Artificial Intelligence and Social Media

It is always interesting to study the ways digital marketing community approach machine learning and artificial intelligence. Most of them are either wary or strangely concerned about those technologies, and some are even clearly afraid of them.

To be fair, artificial intelligence has the potential of having absurd amounts of processing power and capabilities – mostly analytical – which are not even possible for an ordinary mind to comprehend. They can eat up copious amounts of big data and create extremely focused digital marketing strategies. Unlike humans, they do not ask for vacation days or have off days because they could not have their morning coffee. 

All the tech giants currently in the world have their own AI projects. IBM has Watson, a computer system that is capable of answering questions. Salesforce has Einstein, their beloved AI project that helps customer success. When both these AI projects were launched, many people believed that they exist simply to make a complex process more understandable for people. However, it is soon becoming apparent that their intention is to prepare the digital marketers for the undeniable future where AIs will take over the digital marketing industry.

“The world has never been more social media driven”

Looking at it in a more practical sense, this phenomenon where AIs will swallow up the digital marketing industry will not happen anytime soon. In fact, what will happen is that they will take over more time consuming and tedious parts of the industry, which will give more value and freedom to the creative human minds. After all, for as long as we can predict in the future, AIs will need instructions to do what they do. Unlike movies, they will take a very long period of time before they can think for themselves.

Now, if you are in the digital marketing industry and your job includes doing manual work most of the time, it is safe to assume that there will soon be an AI program that will help you with your work.

Social Media Robots

During the last few years, plenty of research and experiments have been done in order to create AI-powered solutions for social media strategizing and bulk implementation. The world has never been more social media driven, and automating work that can be automated help companies to get their employees to focus more on providing value rather than doing continuous menial tasks over and over. 

Following are some of the areas where AI-powered solutions are currently being used.

  • • Email marketing
  • • Web optimization
  • • Mobile optimization
  • • Behavioral focused data pattern recognition

It is true that even without these fancy new technologies, social media platforms like Facebook allows you to test organically within the platform real time as advertisements happen. However, there have always been restrictions when it comes to how focused you can be when interacting with potential customers in social media.

It is all extremely exciting to study, especially to imagine the immense possibilities in the future when it comes to social media and AI. Here’s to hoping that it all works out for the best, and we won’t have to be under our robotic masters!