Enhancing your marketing outlook through Twitter Analytics

With Twitter Analytics, users can utilize one of the easiest dashboards available online to gain insight into any social media marketing campaign. In 2016, Media Studio was launched, which allowed users to secure multiple channels within one specific repository of data. Since then, operations and functions have been added to secure a more in-depth analysis of the twitter activity.

Insights is one such tool that gives users the chance to look at their top and recent tweets and check its engagement levels. Similarly, it accounts for a replacement to the demographics panel where you can look at your followers’ demographics structure. This provides you an indication of what kinds of content your audience is interested in to help you create a more effective strategy.

Improving your twitter game with Insights

One of these tools is the matrix, which allows users to keep an eye on the tweet views’ timings. With an intersecting graph appearing on the screen, the time is portrayed on the horizontal axis, whereas the week’s days are shown on the vertical axis. To represent time and day, there are squares with different colorings to associate visibility and impressions. A date selector allows the user to adjust the schedule based on the time, day, or minute they want information about.

An interesting feature of this specific tool is that it provides the scheduling of tweets in light of the peak hours that it observes. This caters to the tweeting business’s planning aspect to ensure that visibility and impressions can be maximized.

Another new addition to twitter is the calendar which can easily be downloaded from the resource page on Twitter Business. This allows you to keep tabs on the events that will be happening to plan your marketing campaign and tweeting schedule accordingly.

Measurement of Engagements

There is a lot more than Twitter Analytics provides than just the Insights page. You can look at the impressions and engagements that your tweets have received on the right menu on your profile. Through this, you can identify the fields of interests that your followers are particularly interested in, and so can plan accordingly.

The engagement rate is a metric used to signify the efficacy of your specific profile’s reach. It is calculated based on the division of engagement and impressions. This rate gives a slight picture of gathering the responses and impressions to evaluate your particular profile’s relevance. This will act as a guideline on how your campaign is taken up in the future.

Assessing your content engagement, you can use a hashtag or specific phrase that customers commonly use. There are several more technical and complex ways but this analysis can easily be conducted on TweetDeck.

This is another one of the social media dashboards which presents the stream of twitter in tailorable ways. Similar to this particular approach is another tool called Hootsuite, which provides several boards on the same browser. The manager for social media can view these tools and comment and respond following the stream shown on this tool.

In TweetDeck, there is an option to add a column that you must choose on the menu and then search the specific term that you want to know more about. This item can be a hashtag or a catchphrase that brands may generally use. Once you search it, all tweets in the same sphere as these keywords will show up on your screen, and it will be much easier for the media manager to respond and comment. This helps in raising the impression of your brand and creates customer satisfaction.

 To visualize the frequently used words, you can also engage in the creation of a word cloud. This will provide you insight into what hashtags and words are used more often to plan accordingly. There are various ways to go about analyzing your twitter activity. Still, the most effective manner is to look deep into the engagement aspect to understand your twitter profile’s actual performance.

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