Learning More About Twitter Analytics

Even for an expert marketer, creating a strategy to gain maximum engagement is an extremely difficult and mountainous task. Fortunately, there are various sources that you can utilize to understand more about the activity generation and community you have built on Twitter.

One such resource is Twitter Analytics, which provides an array of information to tweet out material that your audience is looking for. Concerning the data provided, here are seven things to learn:

Tweet impressions

There is a section through which you can find all of your tweets and impressions. Through this, you can gauge the performance of the best tweets as well as cumulative ones. A smart user will use this information to understand where the audience lies and will tweet accordingly.

Moreover, as mentioned, the cumulative brief allows you to cater to monthly reviews and what things you did differently to gain more impressions or higher engagement. Perhaps, it was the frequency or the content. Whatever it was, you should do it more often and promote your tweets to raise its reach.

Tweet engagements and engagement rate

Like the section discussed above, the number of interactions you can on your tweet is primarily the engagement rate, which is a divisible impression. If you see that you hardly get any activity on a particular subject, it is best to move away or perhaps add images or videos to make it more appealing.

Top Tweets

You receive a top tweet monthly, displayed on your analytics dashboard to depict the highest activity generator. If you click on view tweet activity, you will introduce the intricate details associated with clicks, profile links, etc.

Displaying various top tweets allows you to increase your learning to understand the similarities to replicate that, whether it be a brand voice or an emoticon, or perhaps something that reasons with the customer understanding that gives you the space to generate similar content.

Follower growth

Over 30 days, you can track your growth in followers through a dashboard assigned just for them. This allows you to look at the new daily followers as well as any decline that is observed. You can also ascertain the tweet, which led to this decline and raised them significantly to initiate a campaign upon those same lines.

Profile visits

On top of the analytics dashboard, there is a number to signify the number of times your profile was visited. This is a daily update shown over 28 days with a comparison graph to understand the data further.


As in the visits mentioned above, you can also measure the number of times you were mentioned over 28 days, and the top monthly mention, which is calculated based on engagement.

Video content performance

For videos posted, you can track the number of views and the response you are getting, whether they completely watch the video or leave it midway.

To improve your strategy on Twitter, you must invest your time learning various tools like Twitter Analytics. It is a simple process and is easily accessible through the dashboard. Better to start now and not wait for things to get worse before you start to improve them.

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