The Changing Nature of Influencers

A while ago, influencers would post pictures wearing a specific brand or declaring partnership with cream and get tons of likes. But now, as social media platforms have been democratized, consumers these days are vying for real and strong content that can be used to challenge fake news, capitalism, and other falsities that plague the […]


Customer Community As Part of the Marketing Strategy

Amid the marketing sector, the term ‘customer community’ is most often misunderstood by people. It is taken as a representation of the customer’s emotion and loyalty; on the one hand, while on the other, it caters to customer lists and chats in the context of marketers. Concerning the marketing sector’s future, the customer community is […]


Marketing of Twitter Videos: Best Practices

A successful advertisement campaign via videos is only possible if you lay special focus on the kind of audience you have while integrating visuals and keeping the format extremely brief and precise. Although people might feel otherwise, Twitter is considered a fruitful endeavor for engaging in marketing via videos. According to research, a 95% increase […]


Snap Ads Removed : Guide To Track Ads

Snapchat has now changed its unskippable format on ads out of the beta system as it provides expansion for advertisements on its Discover option. According to Adweek, Snapchat will shift its commercial format – “a 6-second, non-skippable video takeover—out of the beta stage in the US”. These advertisements will be shown when a user chooses […]


Enhancing your marketing outlook through Twitter Analytics

With Twitter Analytics, users can utilize one of the easiest dashboards available online to gain insight into any social media marketing campaign. In 2016, Media Studio was launched, which allowed users to secure multiple channels within one specific repository of data. Since then, operations and functions have been added to secure a more in-depth analysis […]